We've just released Prophet and SD 0.7 (Cavil) You can download them from CPAN or Gitorious. For more information, have a look at the blog post.


Prophet is a new kind of database designed for the post Web-2.0 world. It's made to let you collaborate with your friends and coworkers without needing any kind of special server or internet provider.

Prophet's buzzword-laden pitch reads something like this:

A grounded, semirelational, peer to peer replicated, disconnected, versioned, property database with self-healing conflict resolution.

The best place to start learning about Prophet is a few recent slides decks and videos.

SD (Simple Defects)

Prophet is flexible enough to be used for all sorts of applications, but we've started with something near and dear to the hearts of most software developers: bug tracking.

SD is a peer to peer bug tracking system which we've built to share with just about anything. Contributors have helped us write adaptors for RT, Hiveminder, Trac, GitHub, Google Code, and Redmine. You can extend SD to sync to other bug tracking tools by writing a small bit of code. If you can help make SD work better with your bug tracker, drop us a line.


Follow the instructions on the installation page to install Prophet and SD.

header photo original: dotcompals @ Flickr