SD is a peer-to-peer bug tracker that’s built for sharing and use both online and offline. With SD, you can sync your bugs back and forth between other instances of SD, and even between SD and other bug trackers that SD supports.


  • Peer-to-peer syncing between instances
  • Syncing with other bug trackers
  • Command-line interface, including an interactive shell
  • Git and Darcs VCS integration
  • Local, single-user web UI
  • "Hackathon mode": local net sync via Bonjour
  • SQLite and filesystem backends
  • Synchronization via sneakernet
  • Completely free and open source, released under the MIT license

Getting SD

Visit the Get SD page to learn how to get and install SD.

Foreign ticket tracker compatibility

More details on the state of SD's various foreign ticket tracker bridges.


If you have a problem using SD, submit a bug report or ask for help on #prophet on or SD’s mailing list.


Without the contributions of the community SD could not exist so we thank the people on our Contributing page.