Want to help out with SD? Great! We're always interested in new contributors, and have plenty of tasks that new people can help out with. Help make SD work better for you.

Making the website better

This website is a wiki! Please edit liberally—if you think something could be better, chances are it could.

You can also edit the website using git. Drop us a line if you want to get a commit bit! (Really, just ask. We'd love to give you one.)

Increasing test coverage

We currently have pretty good test coverage, but it can always be better. We're publishing coverage analysis reports for Prophet here and SD here. New tests that increase our coverage are gratefully accepted.

Squashing bugs

If there's anything from the bug list that catches your interest, or if you find a new bug, feel free to fix it and submit a patch. If it's a feature-wishlist bug that requires design alterations, however, you may wish to talk to us first to make sure your ideas and ours are in line.


We're currently lacking a good tutorial, screenshots, and other bling to show people and help them use SD. Some ideas for things we're looking for here can be found by searching for tickets assigned to the "docs" component (from a checked out copy of SD's git repository, with the SD bug replica cloned:

git sd ticket search -- component=docs 'status=~new|open'

Writing foreign replica syncs

If you want to write a foreign replica module for an issue tracker that SD doesn't support yet, we'd love to hear from you.

Submitting patches

So, you've written a patch. Rock on! Now you just need to get it applied.

Our preferred way of receiving patches is by email.

From your checkout of Prophet or SD:

git format-patch origin/master

And then email us the generated patch(es). Try to send it to the right list for whatever you're patching, but most of us are subscribed to both lists and we're not too picky about it.

When submitting patches, try to have good commit messages and separate your patches into logical units. But don't worry about being perfect—the worst that can happen is that we ask for an amended patch with changes.

Getting commit access

After you've sent us a patch that looks good, you're eligible to get commit access to the repository, if you want it. Ask us if we forget to ask you.

Contributors (as of 20 May 2011)

  • Jesse Vincent 504 (39.72%)
  • Christine Spang 307 (24.19%)
  • sunnavy 138 (10.87%)
  • Shawn Moore 116 (9.14%)
  • Ruslan Zakirov 83 (6.54%)
  • Kang-min Liu 31 (2.44%)
  • Shawn M Moore 25 (1.97%)
  • franck cuny 15 (1.18%)
  • c9s 7 (0.55%)
  • Alec Clews 7 (0.55%)
  • Kevin Falcone 6 (0.47%)
  • Casey West 5 (0.39%)
  • Alex Vandiver 5 (0.39%)
  • Arjen Laarhoven 3 (0.24%)
  • Thomas Sibley 2 (0.16%)
  • Nelson Elhage 2 (0.16%)
  • Michael G. Schwern 2 (0.16%)
  • Hans Dieter Pearcey 2 (0.16%)
  • Chia-liang Kao 2 (0.16%)
  • Yanick Champoux 1 (0.08%)